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Scent Store


Scent Store is world's first scent streaming service.

Scent Store is a revolutionary breakthrough in the digital world, standing proud as the first-ever scent streaming service globally. Imagine the convenience of playing your favorite videos on streaming platforms; Scent Store offers a similar experience but with fragrances.

Users can effortlessly tailor their ambiance by downloading and playing scents that resonate with their individual lifestyles. Just as video streaming platforms have free tracks and premium albums, Scent Store provides a range of olfactory experiences.

There are scents available for free playback, allowing users to immerse themselves in a variety of aromatic environments. Additionally, for those looking for a unique touch, the platform offers exclusive room fragrances developed in collaboration with popular fictional characters.


There's also a premium range where renowned celebrity have meticulously crafted special room fragrances. Subscribers can enjoy these elite fragrances by opting for a subscription model, ensuring that their spaces always reflect their tastes and personality.

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