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White Paper


What is Scent Store

SCENT STORE is the world's first platform specifically designed to issue, manage, and circulate digital scent and fragrance items.
It is believed that memories that stimulate our sense of smell evoke stronger emotional responses than other senses, which is why scent-based marketing tactics are used worldwide. Various hardware manufacturers are deploying IoT and AI-equipped devices to control scents, but a standardized scent data format has yet to be realized.

SCENT STORE digitizes fragrances into a globally recognized data format, selling them as non-fungible tokens(NFTs) that can prove ownership. Companies and individuals who purchase these fragrance NFTs can use a diffuser that is compatible with our scent data format to reproduce the same scent at any time. In the future, SCENT STORE aims to become a scent data sales platform in partnership with scent device manufacturers.

To protect the rights of fragrance copyright holders, which were previously unprotected, SCENT STORE introduces blockchain and NFTs. This ensures the protection of copyrights for creators and buyers, establishing a fragrance-version of JASRAC*.

SCENT STORE's platform is developed on its own blockchain, incorporating WEB3.0 technology NFT market and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It issues the cryptocurrency SML and establishes a foundation for NFT and cryptocurrency usage. Users can buy and resell fragrance NFTs in the marketplace, and purchased NFTs which can be played back with a diffuser that is compatible with the scent data format of NFTs.

SML holders can participate in the SCENT STORE community, where they are granted the authority to collect and register scent data and approve blockchain transactions. Community participants engage on the platform and are paid SML as rewards. When registered scent data is purchased, purchase fees and copyright fees are paid. SCENT STORE realizes a world of "Smell To Earn," where users can earn rewards by utilizing scents.


*JASRAC is the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers, and Publishers. It manages copyright and royalty collection for music in Japan. JASRAC licenses music usage, collects fees, and distributes royalties to composers, lyricists, and publishers. It monitors music usage and collaborates internationally to protect rights. JASRAC supports the music industry through education, legal assistance, and advocacy. It plays a crucial role in ensuring fair compensation for music creators and adapting to technological advancements. 

SCENT STORE is operated by Horizon Corporation under the patents held by us. In the future, we are developing a new global scent data platform as a successor to SCENT STORE(, aiming to reflect the opinions of SML holders more closely, to facilitate flexible expansion, and to make it easier to return various benefits to SML holders). The new platform will inherit the vision and mission of SCENT STORE, so please stay tuned for additional information!


We will provide Usf/patents/fragrance data to various companies, and develop in worldwide an environment where scent NFTs can be played back with a diffuser that is compatible with the scent data format of NFTs. This establishes an ecosystem centered around scent data. Utilizing SML allows for the preferential and cost-effective purchase of the devices, and scent data.


Horizon not only operates the fragrance data platform SCENT STORE but is also a crucial player and partner in manufacturing and selling the devices. Even after the launch of the new scent data platform to replace SCENT STORE, Horizon's role as a key player and partner remains unchanged.

Challenges We Address

Universalization issues in the fragrance industry

The fragrance industry has experienced significant growth throughout history. Countless scents have been created, leading to the introduction of various perfumes and image fragrances in the market. In the fragrance industry, it is common to combine numerous ingredients to create a single product. Consequently, each product lacks universal appeal and is typically tailored to specific orders.

In this business style, it is difficult to develop and leverage a single software solution that allows all users to enjoy the same experience in the digital world. Our proposal involves approaching the fragrance industry with a reverse-thinking mindset: limit the number of ingredients used to create scents and build a business around the maximum number of fragrances that can be created from those ingredients.

Though this approach does limit the number of potential fragrances, it enables mass production and cost reduction by digitizing scents. Furthermore, it allows for flexibility in adapting to the metaverse era.

This new way of thinking will bring new possibilities to the fragrance industry, allowing it to ride the waves of digitalization and the metaverse. We hope that the fragrance industry will continue to prosper with this new style based on limited ingredients.

Traditional diffuser industry challenges

According to feedback from people who enjoy using diffusers, 80% of users commonly face the following four challenges:

Once an aroma oil is purchased, it must be used up before trying another scent.

In reality, users want to enjoy different scents based on their mood.

While users know that mixing multiple oils can change a scent, they find the process of creating their blends too tedious.

Aroma oils are expensive.

Our platform, Scent Store, addresses these issues. Scent Store promotes the digital transformation of the fragrance industry and becomes the first NFT platform for scents. Users can download digitized scent recipe data on their smartphones and synthesize the scents using a diffuser that is compatible with our scent data format. This service eliminates the need to visit a store to purchase scents, much like how smartphones have made music downloads more convenient, if you own a diffuser that is compatible with our scent data format sold by the partner fragrance device manufacturer.

Business scale challenges

As mentioned earlier, the fragrance industry has grown tremendously, with diverse ingredients used to create a wide array of scents. However, this business style has its challenges when trying to develop a universal software solution for all users.

Our approach to this issue involves limiting the number of fragrance ingredients and using the maximum number of scents that can be created from those ingredients to expand the business. By doing so, we can mass-produce scents and reduce costs, while also providing flexibility for the metaverse era.

Challenges with the traditional perfumer business model

Perfumers are experts in creating scents, and the fragrance industry has developed to the point where almost any scent can be recreated using a variety of ingredients.

The traditional perfumer business model involves creating custom scents based on clients' needs and delivering the final product. Image fragrances are created for various locations, such as hotel lobbies, bank entrances, and restrooms.

However, there are challenges with this approach. Since perfumers create custom scents for each client, they cannot reuse the same scent for multiple clients. Each new client requires a new blend, resulting in excess inventory. Additionally, perfumers must regularly visit clients to replenish scents.

Our solution is the development of a scent printer capable of creating thousands of scent combinations. Perfumers only need to deliver the scent printer to clients and send the scent recipe. This eliminates inventory risk, allows for scent updates without client visits, and enables the offering of a wide variety of scents.

Smell Token

Realization of scent quantification and code management:

In this project, we issue and manage a global standard code for quantifying scents, called Universal Scent Format (.usf). Digital Smell Format contains programs such as "cartridge number," "duration," and "intensity" for spray devices and electronic devices capable of reproducing scents, allowing control of the scent.

Technological innovation with NFTs:
NFTs are cryptographic assets that can be traded on the blockchain. Digital data is recorded on the tamper-resistant blockchain, treated as a unique existence, and becomes impossible to counterfeit with provable ownership. Trading history and ownership information are also recorded on the blockchain, ensuring data ownership. NFTs give rise to new ways of enjoying and doing business with digital works.


Scent quantification × NFT × Digital devices:
By integrating technology that can reproduce digital scents at the necessary timing with digital devices, we create a new world view. For example, you can control the scent of a room according to your mood with an AI-equipped diffuser, detect enemies or shops in games or the metaverse through smell, or enjoy a world trip with a diffuser-equipped AR/VR glasses. This project to create a new scent ecosystem by handling and promoting scent NFTs compatible with such digital devices, while partnering with the companies that manufacture such devices, is certain to expand into a market much larger than imagined.

Scent Store's market and outlook:
Scent Store will target the digital marketing market and expand its business using scent NFTs. In 2021, global advertising expenditure increased by 17.0% year on year to $682.5 billion, with digital advertising accounting for 29.1% more than the previous year, totaling $355.7 billion, leading the expansion of the advertising industry.


Furthermore, the global scent market in 2020 was around ¥5 trillion, and it is predicted to reach ¥6 trillion by 2025.


The digital advertising and scent markets are both growing year by year, positioning our market in a growth sector. Moreover, the growth of the metaverse field is driving the NFT market, with US investment firm Jefferies predicting that it will reach $35 billion in 2022 and $80 billion by 2025.


The addition of our scent business to these markets is expected to further increase the variety of advertising options.


Digital Scent Format Code ".usf"
The Universal Scent Format, or .usf, is a global standard code for quantifying scents. Digital Smell Format is recorded with various parameters for scent-printing devices and electronic equipment, such as the "cartridge number," "duration," "intensity," and "maximum print limit." When these devices compatible with a Digital Smell Format receive the format, they will be able to control and print the scent accordingly.

NFT Blockchain
The Scent Store platform is based on the Polygon blockchain. A notable advantage of the Polygon blockchain is its extremely low transaction fees.

IPFS Server
Considering deployment in the advertising industry, this project configures an IPFS service that enables storing rich content files such as metadata and image data. The IPFS cluster manages the Pin function for files on each IPFS node.



Address: Office 1002, 48 Burj Gate, Downtown, Dubai
Business Description: AVALANCH TECH IT SOLUTIONS is a Dubai-based company that undertakes consulting and service platform development for WEB3.0 technologies from around the world.

30,000 SML Holder

Early Bird Access for Scent Store : ○
Join Competition : You need to spend 100 SML.

Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : You need to spend 100 SML.

Times of Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : 1 time / month

Purchase Owner Card : x

150,000 SML Holder

Early Bird Access for Scent Store : ○
Join Competition : You need to spend 100 SML.

Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : You need to spend 100 SML.

Times of Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : 2 time / month

Purchase Owner Card : x
300,000 SML Holder

Early Bird Access for Scent Store : ○
Join Competition : You need to spend 100 SML.

Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : You need to spend 100 SML.

Times of Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : 3 time / month

Purchase Owner Card : x

450,000 SML Holder

Early Bird Access for Scent Store : ○
Join Competition : Free

Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : You need to spend 100 SML.

Times of Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : 4 time / month

Purchase Owner Card : x

600,000 SML Holder

Early Bird Access for Scent Store : ○
Join Competition : Free

Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : You need to spend 100 SML.

Times of Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : 5 time / month

Purchase Owner Card : x

1,000,000 SML Holder

Early Bird Access for Scent Store : ○
Join Competition : Free

Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : You need to spend 100 SML.

Times of Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : Unlimited / month

Purchase Owner Card : x

3,000,000 SML Holder

Early Bird Access for Scent Store : ○
Join Competition : Free

Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : You need to spend 100 SML.

Times of Upload Smart Fragrance on Scent Store : Unlimited / month

Purchase Owner Card : ○

Smell Token Utility


SML Staking Revenue


SML Staking Revenue offers a groundbreaking staking program, providing users with new investment options. Through this program, staking Smell Tokens opens opportunities for additional income. The staking process is highly flexible, allowing users to stake or unstake tokens at their convenience. Rewards are determined based on the quantity of staked tokens, the duration of staking, and the growth of the Smell Token economy, subject to fluctuations. A distinctive feature of this program is its distribution of profits based on real-world business revenues, a pioneering approach in the industry. Collaborating with the actual business sector is anticipated to result in significantly larger distributions.

Note: No SML for operational purposes is included. To verify whether any are included, you can check the addresses in the Smell Token allocation.












Total Supply






Contract Address


More Detail

39.8% for Marketing

Used for promotion towards the globalization of Scent Store services.​


29.1% for Ecosystem

Used for operating expenses, development funds, and promoting Smell DX.​

16.7% for Team

Used as an incentive for project management members.


5.8% for Reserve

Used for rewarding community contributors, staking rewards, and airdrops.​


3.9% for Advisers

Used for paying rewards to lawyers and agencies as incentives for business expansion.​


Enter the new era of the fragrance industry, participate with SML
Smell Token (SML) is a special token to participate in the digital transformation (DX) of the fragrance industry. By holding this token, users can take part in various businesses and games deployed on the innovative Scent Store platform. The Scent Store platform introduces digital technology to the traditional fragrance industry, expanding its potential by enabling the sale of scent data in digital formats. In addition, it is expected that the use of SML will entitle users to purchase devices compatible with the scent NFTs at a reduced price. Use SML will entitle companies in the fragrance industry to use our patents at a reduced price.
Exclusive early access to special NFT sales: Experience Scent Store exclusively
On the Scent Store platform, special products can be listed, just like on a regular e-commerce site. These are offered as limited and valuable scent NFTs, such as NFTs of digitized scents with historical value or scents developed exclusively for digital use by famous brands.
These special NFTs are granted presale rights to SML token holders on the Scent Store platform before they are sold to the general public. Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire rare NFTs before anyone else and add them to your collection.
Such early access rights have great value for SML token holders. It means not only building your unique scent collection but also expanding opportunities for discussion and exchange with other collectors and enthusiasts. Additionally, these rare NFTs may appreciate in value in the future, potentially making them a smart investment.
By holding SML tokens on the Scent Store platform, you can gain early access to special scent NFTs and enjoy exclusive experiences. Enhance your collection and enjoy the world of fragrances even more.
Right to create and sell custom scents
The ultimate goal of this platform is to liberalize perfumers and enable more people to create their unique scents. To synthesize scents as a digital perfumer, also known as a Scent Store, you need to hold a certain amount of SML. This ensures that the platform's ecosystem remains healthy and competitive for perfumers.
Infinite creativity in scents with SML
The number of scent creations you can make increases according to the amount of SML you hold. By holding more SML, digital perfumers get the chance to create a more diverse and rich portfolio of scents. This mechanism maintains the platform's quality and promotes fair competition. SML holders can create and sell their scent creations on the platform, generating revenue.
Imagine you're in charge of creating the scents for a live concert of a globally famous artist or band. The venue is filled with your unique fragrance, and the audience enjoys the live performance surrounded by the captivating scent. This fragrance enhances the artist or band's image and leaves a deep impression on their fans.
At the venue, a large screen displays a QR code for purchasing your created scent. The audience can easily scan the QR code with their smartphones and buy your scent on the spot. In this way, thousands of fans attending the live event can get their hands on your original fragrance.
As a result, you'll receive sales beyond your wildest imagination. This revenue is a testament to your talent and effort and will pave the way for further business opportunities. This success will boost your confidence in your career and serve as a driving force for your next challenge. By continuing to grow as a perfumer, you can create new value in the world of scents and pursue infinite possibilities.

Right to participate in fragrance competitions
The Scent Store platform is an innovative service that sells original image fragrances for various celebrities and characters worldwide, allowing everyone to enjoy unique scents. Competitions are held on the platform to determine who gets the right to create these fragrances. Winners are awarded the right to develop the original fragrances. Of course, to participate in these competitions, you need to hold SML tokens.
Our digital scent technology is expected to be widely used in various industries. Scents play a vital role in the entertainment industry, gaming, advertising, office spaces, and hotels. Through the Scent Store platform, scents created by digital perfumers can be adopted in these places, providing a significant opportunity for revenue.
Furthermore, by utilizing this platform, not only professional perfumers but also ordinary people can create their scents and compete in the market. This diversification of the world of scents will create new business opportunities.
The Scent Store platform fosters innovation in the fragrance industry and, by leveraging digital technology to remove traditional constraints, makes the world of scents more accessible. As a result, everyone can enjoy their unique scents or thrive as a perfumer, contributing significantly to the development of the fragrance industry.

Staking Rewards

We have the patents necessary for scent datamation, the exchange of scent data (NFTs), and the playback of scent data (NFTs).

By having various companies in the fragrance industry use it, we will be able to exchange scent data (NFTs) and use scent data (NFTs) in a variety of situations that are not limited to the SCENT STORE alone. In addition, we will receive license fees from each company, and we are preparing to allocate a portion of those license fees to staking rewards.


Risks related to the purchase, sale, and use of tokens
This token is not planned or sold as a security or financial instrument. Therefore, the purchase information is not intended to form investment decisions, and we are not responsible for any loss or damage based on errors or inaccuracies in the information.
Risk of access loss due to improper management of this token
If the purchaser loses access information to their digital wallet due to improper management, they may not be able to access this token properly.
System risk
This token is based on the polygon network, and there is a risk of unforeseen events due to network failures or malfunctions. There is also the possibility of hacking or security attacks.

Token market risk
Although this token is intended for use on the Scent Store platform, there is a risk of illiquidity depending on the situation of the exchanges handling it.

Risk of regulatory measures
The handling of token issuance and sales is not clear in each region, and there is a possibility that the regulatory response to this token may change and become subject to regulation.

Taxation risk
The tax characteristics of purchasing this token are unclear, so purchasers must individually verify the requirements for related tax reporting.

Risk of maintaining the Scent Store platform
The Scent Store platform is under development, and there is a possibility of specification changes. Due to development factors, if the platform does not function properly, risks may arise.

Price fluctuation risk
If this token is traded on a cryptocurrency exchange in the future, the price may fluctuate significantly due to market conditions and demand.

Dissolution risk
The seller or parent company may dissolve due to significant fluctuations in the overall value of cryptocurrencies, a significant decrease in the usefulness of this token, or the failure of business operations.

Unforeseen risk
This token is based on new technology, and there is a possibility that risks that were not initially anticipated may occur.

Scent Store Platform

The Scent Store platform consists of NFT registration management, NFT marketplace, and scent playback history management features, incorporating the mechanisms of NFT and DAO, which are elements of WEB3.0.

NFT Registration Management:
Users can register quantified scent data and generate NFTs. A DAO community that allows users who meet certain conditions to participate is established, and new scent registration and NFT registration approval take place. Participants can earn SML as rewards. Furthermore, when the registered scent NFT is bought and sold, users can earn rewards, realizing SMELL To Earn.


Scent Store:
There is a feature for buying and selling registered scent NFTs. Fixed price transactions and auction-style transactions are possible, and users can also resell purchased NFTs. There are two types of scent NFTs: common cards and owner cards. Common cards are NFTs granted to members with scent usage rights, while owner cards are NFTs granted to members who register or purchase the ownership of a scent NFT. Owner cards receive dividends in SML based on the sale/resale price. Moreover, it is possible to specify the number of cards issued for each type.

Digital Smell Patent
We hold the following patents in the U.S., EU, Japan, and other countries, and are preparing to apply for patents in other countries in the future.

Manages the number of times a scent NFT is played, enabling billing based on play count and issuance of NFTs with limited play count.

Scent Store App
A smartphone app allows users to access all features of the Scent Store platform and is also expected to allow users to control diffusers and sprayers manufactured by the partner companies. It also includes SML payment functionality.

Alliance Company

Universal Scent Format.

Smell Token Allocation

Alliance Company refer to a group of enterprises that play a crucial role in the Smell Token economy.


These companies have integrated Smell Tokens into their operations, innovating their business models and transaction methods through its use. By becoming Alliance Company, these enterprises gain access to new markets and opportunities for networking with other partnering companies. Additionally, the use of these tokens within the Smell Token economy facilitates more efficient and transparent transactions.

As the businesses of Alliance Company grow, the demand for Smell Tokens also increases. This surge in demand enhances the value of Smell Tokens, contributing to the expansion of the entire economic sphere. Furthermore, as more companies join as Alliance Company, the economy diversifies and its appeal is expected to grow.

In this white paper, we have listed the companies that have formed alliances as partners. Visitors can learn in detail about the business activities of these companies, their roles in the Smell Token economy, and how each has become a part of this innovative economic sphere.



2023 was a foundational year for us, dedicated to laying the groundwork for our ambitions. We revolutionized the industry by inventing the 'Universal Scent Format,' a pioneering endeavor to digitize scents. Based on this groundbreaking format, we launched the innovative service 'Scent Store,' allowing users to download and purchase digital fragrance data files known as 'Smart Fragrance'. We also successfully introduced a test version of this service.

Initially, we chose to start with six kinds of 'scent inks' out of a potential forty varieties, establishing a foundation that offers users a diverse fragrance experience.


Moreover, in our efforts to expand the 'Smell Token economy' globally, the Scent Store, which began its journey in Japan, extended its reach to Indonesia in November. This marked our inaugural step towards global expansion, realizing the first phase of our international vision.

2024 WARM UP.

2024 is set to be a warm-up year for us. During this time, we aim to significantly grow our 'Universal Scent Platform'. By deepening our collaboration with celebrities, IP holders companies that manufacture devices compatible with scent NFTs and companies that handle special fragrances in partnership with celebrities and IP holders, we plan to substantially expand the product lineup of Smart Fragrance. This initiative will provide consumers with a wide range of choices and enhance our presence in the market.


Additionally, the 'Universal Scent Format' is evolving; it is expanding from the traditional six scent inks to encompass ten varieties, enabling the creation of even richer and deeper fragrances.

Furthermore, in the existing perfume industry, we anticipate that many will adopt our format for product development, initiating the distribution of perfumes through our platform. This move holds the potential to transform the dynamics of the entire industry.

The release of the 'Creator Mode' is a significant step forward. This feature will enable individuals from diverse backgrounds to use the Scent Store app to effortlessly craft their unique fragrance data, or 'Smart Fragrance'. These original scents can then be sold in the market.

We are also planning to host competitions. These events will allow creators to design fragrances inspired by celebrities. Given the celebrity's prominence, these fragrances have the potential to sell rapidly, potentially generating substantial revenue. Through these efforts, we aim to provide many with new business and artistic opportunities. Throughout 2024, we strive to be pioneers, bringing a fresh wave to the perfume industry.


In 2025, with our theme of 'Erode the existing market', we are setting our sights on reshaping the fragrance industry. Our aim is to integrate our Universal Scent Format more deeply within the traditional perfume sector, thereby aiming to capture a 10% market share. Building on our collaborations with existing brands and distributors will be paramount, and we will place a keen emphasis on accelerating product development and innovation.

As we look beyond our current territories, our ambition extends to establishing a strong presence in five new countries. This won't just be about selling our product, but understanding and catering to cultural preferences, and crafting region-specific marketing narratives.


Furthermore, our Universal Scent Format will evolve. We plan to diversify our offering by introducing up to 20 different scent inks. This will not only enhance the user experience but also provide a broader palette for creators and customers alike.

Recognizing the potential in merging digital with sensory experiences, we also intend to venture into the gaming and advertising sectors. By partnering with these industries, we can introduce fragrance-driven experiences that elevate user engagement.

We also foresee the launch of 'Smell Bank', a staking service for our Smell Token. This initiative is especially geared towards individuals unfamiliar with crypto assets. By offering an interest on staked Smell Tokens, we aim to make our economic sphere more inclusive.

Our mission for 2025 is clear – while championing the advantages of WEB3, we'll be reaching out to the WEB2 community, educating them on our platform's benefits, and integrating them into our expanding ecosystem.


In 2026, our vision is to 'Dominate the Market.' Just as we've seen the music industry pivot from physical CD sales to digital downloads, we're poised to revolutionize the fragrance industry in a similar transformative manner. Our ambition is to accelerate the transition of a significant portion of the fragrance industry to our platform and Universal Scent Format, thereby setting a new industry standard.

By expanding our fragrance inks to encompass 40 varieties, we are building an all-encompassing format capable of synthesizing almost every conceivable scent combination. This expansion will dramatically enhance the diversity and appeal of our services. Beyond realms of perfumes, room fragrances, and entertainment, scent will become an integrated aspect of various facets of daily life.

For instance, in communication, we might see the birth of new sensory messaging using fragrances. In television and advertising, not only visuals and sounds but also scents can be used to stimulate viewers' emotions and memories. The gaming sector could leverage real-time adaptive fragrances to enhance player immersion. Additionally, in the fields of education and medicine, there's potential for the development of therapeutic techniques and learning methods harnessing the power of scent.

Further solidifying our market hold, we will be extending the economic sphere of Smell Tokens globally. Companies adopting the Universal Scent Format will be incentivized to make a portion of their royalty payments in Smell Tokens. This move will naturally boost the demand for Smell Tokens, raising their value and thereby ensuring a more stabilized Smell Token economic sphere.


On the international front, we will establish branches on every continent, expanding our localized Scent Stores after understanding each region's culture and preferences. This approach will enable us to offer tailored services to users worldwide and solidify our dominant position on a global scale.

No part of this white paper or any facts presented herein should be relied upon as a basis for any contract or investment decision. No one is bound by any contract or legal obligation with respect to the sale of SMELL tokens.
Contracts between the buyer and the seller as the purchaser with respect to the sale of SMELL tokens shall only be governed by the token sale agreement specifying the terms and conditions. Investing in SMELL tokens involves a very high risk, including the risk of losing the entire investment amount.
Only investors with knowledge of acquiring tokens, digital assets, or cryptocurrencies should consider this opportunity. You must carefully consider the risks of purchasing SMELL tokens. This white paper does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of its contents and disclaims any legal liability.

They made a groundbreaking advancement in the fragrance industry by becoming the first company globally to convert scents into digital data. This breakthrough has enabled a range from physical perfumes to digital streaming of fragrances. They operate a service called Scent Store, which allows customers to download scents. Horizon has been involved in numerous projects and collaborations with various celebrities, leveraging their unique technology to transform the way we experience fragrances.

"RAIZE" is a unique app related to cryptocurrency, offering a service where users collect digital cards based on records of previously purchased cryptocurrencies. In the app, each card displays the status of the cryptocurrency at the time of purchase, such as the date and rate, and the value of the cryptocurrency shown on the card updates in real-time. Users have the option to buy back the cryptocurrency at its original value after its value has increased, but this is not obligatory. Users can discard the card at any time and replace it with a new one. This system allows users to enjoy cryptocurrency investment without the risk of price fluctuation, using a subscription model for a more accessible experience.

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