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Token Economy

Smell Token (SML) and its Fundamental Benefits.

As the fragrance industry embarks on a new era, you too can be a part of it through SML. The Smell Token (SML) is positioned as a special token to realize the digital transformation (DX) of the fragrance industry.


By holding this token, users can access a variety of businesses and games rolled out on the innovative Scent Store platform.

Scent Store plays a pivotal role by integrating digital technology into the traditional fragrance industry, handling fragrance data in digital formats, and expanding the industry's horizons.

Early Access Rights to Smart Fragrance.

On the Scent Store platform, there is an exclusive experience of early access rights to special Smart Fragrances. On this platform, much like regular e-commerce sites, special products are listed.


These products are limited and carry a high rarity value as Smart Fragrances. Holders of the SML token enjoy the privilege of early access to these Smart Fragrances.

Role and Opportunities as a Digital Perfumer.

The world of fragrance creation holds infinite possibilities through SML. Depending on the amount of SML held, as a digital perfumer, there are increased chances to create even more diverse and rich fragrance works.


Just imagine, you might play a role in providing a special fragrance for a concert of a globally renowned artist or band. This fragrance could resonate with fans, leading to further business opportunities.

Fragrance Competitions and Market Potential.

The Scent Store platform aims to produce and sell original image fragrances of various celebrities and animated characters from around the world. Through competitions held on this platform, there's a chance to earn this right.


Furthermore, by using this platform, the world of fragrances can diversify even further, possibly giving birth to new business opportunities.

Strategic Use of Smell Token in the Scent Digital Platform.

All OEM services and franchises associated with our scent digital platform have entered into contracts to pay us royalties. A portion of these royalties is paid in Smell Token (SML).


The Smell Token is designed not just for individual transactions but also as a means of payment for business-to-business transactions.


Just as the demand for the US dollar is consistently maintained due to its primary use in oil trading, transactions within the fragrance digital platform are primarily conducted in SML, creating a sustained demand for the token. 

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